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Typically when people land in my office it is because something stressful is happening in their life. The cost of legal representation can vary widely depending on your unique situation and often adds additional stress to an already challenging situation. My promise to my clients is to be transparent about both the likely cost of their case and my billing practices.

Cases are charged as a flat fee or by the billable hour. You can read more about each type below. I offer free consults where I will review your case, share my suggested approach, and discuss how much your case is likely to cost. Cost assessment includes whether it would qualify as flat fee or billable, and what the likely range is for total cost to settle your matter. 


Billable Hours

With this type of agreement, I bill what I work as the case moves forward. You will provide a retainer that is put into a trust account, and I take withdrawals as work is performed and costs incurred. When the retainer gets below a certain amount, you replenish the trust account  before more work can be completed on your case. Any money you have left in trust when my representation ends will be returned to you. This is the fee arrangement for most cases.


Flat Fee

If your case is a flat fee, you will be charged a one-time, fixed amount for the representation. This fee arrangement is generally reserved for simple cases where the representation is limited to a discrete task or proceeding. Many types of traffic or estate planning related case may fall into this category. 

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