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The end of a marriage can be an emotionally draining and financially devastating process, but it doesn't have to be. Let me help you achieve a fair division of marital property so that you can see divorce for what it is: a new beginning.

Criminal Defense

Whether you are facing summary offense, misdemeanor, or felony charges, you need an aggressive advocate in your corner. I strive to achieve the best possible outcome for my clients, whether that is taking the case to trial, negotiating a reduced sentence, or securing alternative rehabilitative disposition (programs other than jail that often include removing charges from your record once completed). I will zealously represent you every step of the way.

Custody and Support

Everyone wants the best for their children. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for parents to agree on what that means. There are factors and formulas designed to help determine the appropriate custody schedule and amount of financial support. However, these guidelines are ambiguous and every case is different. You need strong and dedicated representation to ensure that the proper outcome is reached for your family's unique situation.

Traffic Law & DUI

Driving is a critical part of most Americans' lives. The ability to operate a motor vehicle is essential for most people to earn a living or care for a family. Whether you are in need of help navigating a DUI, keeping your CDL, or trying to avoid points on your license, I can help.

Military Divorce and Custody

Family law is even more complicated when one or both parents are military service members. Property settlements and custody schedules are even harder to reach when it involves a permanent change of station, military retired pay, or the UCMJ. Fortunately, as a Captain and Judge Advocate in the U.S. Army Reserve, I am fully prepared to help my military clients navigate this legal mine field.

Military Law

Military service members facing a FLIPL, GOMOR, separation board, or Court-Martial deserve an experienced Judge Advocate in their corner. I will fight to protect your career, the legacy of your service, and the rights and privileges you have earned as a veteran of our armed services.

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